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The program of bringing Spring to orphans

Leaders of Sao Khue Investment & Trade Promotion Corp (SaoKhue) attended and hosted the program Bringing Spring to nearly 100 orphans on the occasion of Vietnamese traditional Tet of 2023.

(SaoKhue leaders and orphans and TTT Foundation's sponsors and volunteers)

This is the annual program of Thuong Tre Tho (TTT) Foundation (Compassion for Children Funds) which is founded and sponsored by SaoKhue. Up to now, the TTT Foundation has supported more than 700 orphans with expenses for education, medical care, health care, nutrition, learning tools & devices, books, etc...

On the occasion of Tet holiday, which is also a family reunion, children will be able to wear new clothes, receive lucky money, and have fun. However, it is very sad for the orphaned children due to Covid-19, because they have forever lost their biological Father / Mother, their most solid support. At the same time with the difficult family situation, the children inherently feel inferior to their peers. Now that Tet comes, that gap becomes even more obvious.

TTT annually organizes a program to give Tet gifts and lucky money to children in order to partially compensate for their great loss. The purpose of the program is to bring spring warmth to the children. Across the City, Ho Chi Minh City has thousands of orphans because of Covid-19. We call on sponsors and volunteers to join hands to contribute and share.

Please visit this website for more information about Thuong Tre Tho (TTT) Foundation (Compassion for Children Funds):



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