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We have been building and operating the largest business leaders communities in the real estate industry in Vietnam. Those strong networks help our local & foreign clients and partners to successfully grow their business in Vietnam.

VnTPA Community.

VnTPA - Vietnam Tourism Property Association ( is one of the largest national official association of real estate developers / investors / owners / operators in Vietnam with over 20,000 business leader members all over Vietnam. We are the founder and operator of VnTPA since 2007. VnTPA is expanding day by day with more high profile leader members joining for business networking and information.

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VnTPA Golf Club.

This Golf Club has nearly 300 members as of Nov.19, 2022 and it is growing bigger day by day. VnTPA Golf Club provides networking opportunities to business leaders thru playing golf and joining golf networking events. 

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Vietnam Real Estate Association.

VnREA - Vietnam Real Estate Association, is the national largest real estate association in Vietnam. Our SaoKhue's Founders and Leaders are also founders and leaders of VnREA which is under the authority of Vietnam Ministry of Construction and the Central Government.

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