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Over 1,600 old & degradation apartment buildings in Hanoi

need to be refurbished for improving living standards of Hanoi people, the city view and creating more green housing spaces for the increasing population of the city.

(Hanoi old apartment buildings)

The situation is the same in HCMC and other major cities of Vietnam.

Government leaders of major cities in Vietnam are headache with the challenges of improving the living standards of their people, creating more housing spaces for their increasing populations while they are lack of vacant land funds. Refurbishing those old degrading buildings looks like a very appropriate option. However, this project is also very much challenging.

If you want to discuss about this refurbishing project, please contact us at:

(T-place built on a very old degrading collective apartment building in the center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi - a successful story of refurbishing old buildings)

(photo before construction of T-place)



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