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Phuoc Nam IP

Phuoc Nam Industrial Park

Key Information

  • Location: Km 1574+129 on National Highway 1A in Phuoc Nam commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province.

  • Area: 369.92 ha, in which phase 1 of the project is 143.32ha.

  • Services: Industrial land for rent; Logistics services combined with Ba Ngoi port (1 in 10 largest ports in Vietnam), Ca Na deep water port; Housing area for workers and experts in the industrial park

  • Lease Term: Phase 1 has less than 35 years remaining (until the end of March 16, 2056). The developer will extend the full 49 years for investors.

  • Legal Status: all done.

  • Infrastructure: completed.

  • Development Status: in operation.

  • Looking for Competent Investment Partners for disposal of this IP.

KCN Phuoc Nam 1.jpg


  • See map.

  • Phuoc Nam IP owns a very convenient geographical position located on National Highway 1A, North-South railway, 10 km from Ca Na tourist area to the south, 15 km from Thap Cham railway station, 65 km from Cam Ranh int'l airport and 50 km from Ba Ngoi cargo port, 120 km from Nha Trang city, 335 km from HCMC.

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The IP Infrastructure

  • Roads in the IP: The main road has a width of 47m, the internal roads connecting to the main road have a width of 25-27m, a load of H30, ensuring the circulation of containers and other vehicles easy and convenient transportation of goods.

  • Power supply system: 110/22KV power source, capacity of 2x25MV can increase capacity when needed, in addition, Ninh Thuan province is the province with the largest concentration of electric energy in Vietnam, which has attracted many clean energy projects such as: wind power, solar power, LNG gas power, so secondary investors can invest in solar power systems at the roofs of factories to ensure cost savings during operation.

  • Water supply system: Water is taken from Phuoc Nam Water Plant with a capacity of 20,000m3/day and is led to the foot of the fence of the IP with a diameter of D300. In the IP, a pressure booster station is located in the Southwest of the IP with a capacity of 8,556m3/day.

  • Fire protection system: Fire prevention and fighting water poles 150m apart, D110.

  • Drainage system: Rainwater is drained through a reinforced concrete circular sewer system, meeting the drainage requirements of the entire IP.

  • Wastewater treatment plant: Sewage drainage pipe is BLT with D300 to D500. On the wastewater drainage system, manholes made of reinforced concrete are arranged. Domestic wastewater and production wastewater are collected to a centralized wastewater treatment station with a capacity of 9,000 m3/day.

  • Telecommunications system: Fiber optic network, high-speed internet, post and telecommunications services will be provided from VNPT Ninh Thuan, Viettel...

  • Parking: 78,000 m2

KCN Phuoc Nam 2.jpg

the IP video

KCN Phuoc Nam - Ninh Thuan

KCN Phuoc Nam - Ninh Thuan

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