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Clean Energy
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Solar, Wind, Hydrogen

Significant Wind Energy Projects

Hoang Hai & Tai Tam Projects

  • Location: Quang Tri province

  • Capacity: 99.2 MW

  • Annual Output: 351.9 millions Kwh

  • Status: COD since Oct.2021

  • Total Investment: US$ 164.2m

  • Looking for Investors or Loan Restructuring Partners

Hoang Hai - Tai Tam (3).PNG

Thanh Phu Project

  • Location: Ben Tre province

  • Capacity: 120 MW

  • Annual Output: 368.6 millions Kwh

  • Status: under development

  • Total Investment: US$ 198.8m

  • Looking for Investors or Debt Financing Partners

Thanh Phu (1).PNG

Vien An Project

  • Location: Ca Mau province

  • Capacity: 50 MW

  • Annual Output: 179.2 millions Kwh

  • Status: under construction

  • Total Investment: US$ 116.2m

  • Looking for Investors or Loan Restructuring Partners

An Vien (1).PNG

Green Hydrogen Project

  • Project Name: Green Hydrogen Production & Export Plant

  • Investment Form: BOO

  • Scale: 2 x 260 MW in 2 phases (1) 260 MW, (2) 260 MW; 200 MW producing H2, 60 MW producing NH3

  • Expected Schedule: Phase 1 in 2024, Phase 2 in 2026

  • Estimated Costs: Phase 1 of US$ 484m, Phase of US$ 403m

  • Location: Hai An Commune, Hai Lang District in Dong Nam Economic Area, Quang Tri province

  •  Area: Land of 71ha plus Water Surface of 100ha

  • Export Harbor: My Thuy Harbor

  • Status: on final stage of licensing process

  • Looking for technology partners, sales partners, investors, debt financing partners

Hydrogen (1).jpg

Projects waiting to be in PDP-08

Projects under Licensing (1).PNG

For more detailed information, please contact:

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