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Clean Energy

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen

Significant Wind Energy Projects

Hoang Hai & Tai Tam Projects

  • Location: Quang Tri province

  • Capacity: 99.2 MW

  • Annual Output: 351.9 millions Kwh

  • Status: COD since Oct.2021

  • Total Investment: US$ 164.2m

  • Looking for Investors or Loan Restructuring Partners

Hoang Hai - Tai Tam (3).PNG

Thanh Phu Project

  • Location: Ben Tre province

  • Capacity: 120 MW

  • Annual Output: 368.6 millions Kwh

  • Status: under development

  • Total Investment: US$ 198.8m

  • Looking for Investors or Debt Financing Partners

Thanh Phu (1).PNG

Vien An Project

  • Location: Ca Mau province

  • Capacity: 50 MW

  • Annual Output: 179.2 millions Kwh

  • Status: under construction

  • Total Investment: US$ 116.2m

  • Looking for Investors or Loan Restructuring Partners

An Vien (1).PNG

Green Hydrogen Project

  • Project Name: Green Hydrogen Production & Export Plant

  • Investment Form: BOO

  • Scale: 2 x 260 MW in 2 phases (1) 260 MW, (2) 260 MW; 200 MW producing H2, 60 MW producing NH3

  • Expected Schedule: Phase 1 in 2024, Phase 2 in 2026

  • Estimated Costs: Phase 1 of US$ 484m, Phase of US$ 403m

  • Location: Hai An Commune, Hai Lang District in Dong Nam Economic Area, Quang Tri province

  •  Area: Land of 71ha plus Water Surface of 100ha

  • Export Harbor: My Thuy Harbor

  • Status: on final stage of licensing process

  • Looking for technology partners, sales partners, investors, debt financing partners

Hydrogen (1).jpg

Projects waiting to be in PDP-08

Projects under Licensing (1).PNG

For more detailed information, please contact:

  • Mr. THAN THANH VU - Founder & Chairman
    Mr. Vu is a great Vietnamese philanthropist. He has helped more than 3,000 orphans and he continues to make major contributions to charity and community activities through the Compassion for Children Foundation (Thuong Tre Tho Foundation, and Vietnam Tourism - Property Association (VnTPA, He is a participant in planning, investing and developing Phu Quoc Island from the early days of the island's development to turn this place into a major international tourist destination of Vietnam and the region. He also participated in the development of many other large projects in Vietnam and contributed greatly with many practical suggestions for perfecting legal institutions for Vietnam's young real estate industry. He has received the prestigious Golden Dragon Award and many major awards from the Government for his great contributions to the Vietnamese real estate industry and charity activities. He is the founder and chairman of VnTPA, Thuong Tre Tho Foundation and a long-time board executive director of the Vietnam Real Estate Association (VnREA). He is a regular speaker at many major forums in Vietnam and internationally. Mr. Vu is also the founder and president of VnTPA Golf Club and the President Cup golf tournament, which competes in the Ryder Cup format among golf clubs across Vietnam. He is also a senior advisor to many local and international corporations. You can search 'Than Thanh Vu' on google and you can find many articles of Mr. Than Thanh Vu. Email: /
  • Ms Le Kim Thuy (Kim) - Executive Director
    Ms. Kim graduated from Foreign Trade University and has been a partner with Mr. Vu since 2001. With a thorough, sure personality and many years of practical experience with hundreds of deals and special sensibility, Ms. Kim always see deep-rooted problems, potential risks. Her comments are always listened to by associates, customers and partners and are of great value to the success of a transaction. Email:
  • Dr. PHAN HUU THANG - Senior Advisor
    Mr. Thang has more than 30 years of senior state management in the field of foreign investment. He was formerly the General Director of the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). Together with Mr. Vu, he founded the Vietnam Tourism Property Association (VnTPA) and many national forums of real estate industry. He is the one who created major national policies in attracting foreign investments. During the FIA ​​period under his leadership, Vietnam always attracted record investment and had the highest economic growth. Mr. Thang has cooperated with SAOKHUE since 2004. He was the 1st president of VnTPA for the term of 2009 - 2014. He is currently a senior advisor of SAOKHUE. His experiences, relationships and knowledges are valuable assets. You can search 'Phan Huu Thang' on google and you can find many article of Dr. Thang. Email:
  • Mr. TONG VAN NGA - Senior Advisor
    Mr. Nga is a former Deputy Minister of Construction, who created the initial policies to help develop the real estate sector in Vietnam. Mr. Nga and Mr. Vu have jointly founded and run the Vietnam Tourism Real Estate Association (VnTPA), the Vietnam Real Estate Association (VnREA). After retiring from Ministry of Construction, Mr. Nga has cooperated with SAOKHUE in many projects. Email:
  • Mr. BUI NGOC SUONG - Senior Advisor
    Mr. Suong is a former president of the people's committee of Kien Giang province. With over 40 years serving for Vietnamese Communist Party and Vietnamese Government at several high ranking positions, Mr. Suong's experience, knowledge, expertise, relationship are the valuable assets. Mr. Suong provides us advices to deeply understand the government systems & practices and to effectively deal with issues related to local and central government systems. Together with Mr. Vu, Mr. Suong is also a founder of VnTPA (Vietnam Tourism Property Association / He's now the chairman of VnTPA. Email:
  • Ms LE KIM DUNG - Director
    Ms. Dung has worked with Mr. Vu for over 20 years and is one of the founding members of SAOKHUE Corp. Ms Dung is in charge of internal operations, accounting & finance, tax issues. Email:
  • Mr. MINH QUANG - Associate Director
    Mr. Quang graduated from the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City and the University of Central Queensland, Australia. Besides, Mr. Quang has also experienced international training courses on tax, audit, finance, investment, economic analysis, management, leadership, etc. Mr. Quang has more than 20 years of working experience. and held many middle and senior positions at Ernst & Young, BP, Masangroup, VinGroup before joining SAOKHUE Corp. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Quang has helped develop, manage & support hundreds of businesses & projects both nationally and internationally with billions of USD. Mr. Quang's main expertises are of financial & tax areas. Email:
  • Ms LE THI MY TIEN (Ajisai Le) - Research & Business Development Manager
    Before joining SaoKhue, Ms Ajisai Le was a senior officer of Saigon Times Group - a large state media conglomerate of Vietnam, where she was in charge of Saigon Times Foundation Club which is a business leader community in Ho Chi Minh City. At SaoKhue, Ms Ajisai Le is in charge of market survey, business networking development, project coordination. Email:
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