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We have been building strong networks and proven track-records in Vietnam for over 20 years!

We're proud to be the Main Sponsor of the Largest M&A Event in VN!

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Our business areas


Business decisions are based on facts. We have done many in-depth survey, intelligence for many large organizations in Vietnam and Int'l. 



Our Team is the No.1 in Vietnam for M&A consulting, especially for real estate business, with proven track-records.


We assist Vietnamese people to invest overseas and we operate the 1st & largest forum and market place for this overseas investment activities of the Country.


We assist foreigners and international companies to invest in Vietnam for many years with our local un-parallel strengths, networks and practical knowledge.


Vietnam needs latest technologies and equipments for waste water & solid waste treatment & storm water management. We utilize our local resources to collaborate with int'l companies in many ways to do environment projects in Vietnam.


We operate largest investment networking forums and national associations in Vietnam (VnTPO, VnTPA, VnREA, HnREA, VnOPI, VietIP, etc...). This helps us to have a silent powerful influence in the Vn business.

We care about the fair benefits of our clients and partners and every single details in our works. We do business with diligence, prudence, trust and integrity. We have never been doing any thing wrong both ethically or legally. that's the key reason why we have many clients and partners as close friends for decades and we have successfully gone thru many economic crisis in the Country and keep growing.

Our strengths are we know Vietnam and we know international practices and we have strong team and networks. We are able to realize your goals in Vietnam with our local resources. When we don't know a thing we will say we don't know, however we can get the right expert in our association to do it right!

Our company name SAOKHUE stands for Happiness & Fairness!


Founder, Chairman & CEO

Updated Info

Report of MPI on Coronavirus Affecting the Economy

February 11, 2020

​This is the today Report of MPI (Ministry of Planning & Investment) on the economy impacts by the coronavirus crisis: download here the Vietnamese Version

Vietnam Real Estate M&A Conference

December 06, 2019

We are proud to be the Main Sponsor of the Largest Real Estate M&A Conference and Exhibition in Vietnam: VINA-M&A

Should you want to seek for investment partners or projects or properties in the country, we suggest you to come there.

For the details of this event, please visit the official website:

Report of VnTPA Activities in 2018

July 15, 2019

SAOKHUE is the key founder and sponsor of Vietnam Tourism Property Association (VnTPA) - a national association of hotels & resorts developers, managers, consultants, investors, Vietnam.

Key members of SAOKHUE Group are also key executives of VnTPA and VnREA (Vietnam Real Estate Association).

For the Report of VnTPA Activities in 2018, please download here (Vietnamese Version)

TAISEI appoints SAOKHUE as their consultant in Vietnam

June 30, 2019

Today, TAISEI CORP. - a Japanese Giant in construction and real estate development, signed the agreement with SAOKHUE for consultancy services for real estate development in Vietnam.

SAOKHUE has been a trusted consultant & partner of Taisei and many other big Japanese corporations for real estate developments in Vietnam for many many years.


For information about TAISEI, Please visit:

SAOKHUE Group attending the National Environmental Seminar

June 17, 2019

Today our senior members attended THE CONFERENCE chaired by the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for reviewing two-year implementation of the Government’s Resolution 120/NQ-CP on climate resilient and sustainable development of the Mekong Delta region. Here we had the chance to know the strategy, plan and goals of the Vietnam Govt. regarding environmental protection and discussed with the PM and relevant ministries and provinces / cities for our SAOKHUE's waste water treatment and stormwater solutions.

Mekong Delta should shift towards adapting to climate change: PM



SAOKHUE to tighten the relationship with top German suppliers

May 19, 2019

​From 13-19 May 2019, Mr. Than Thanh Vu - founder and chairman of SAOKHUE Group, made a visit to Germany for tightening the relationship with top German suppliers in Water Business: GRP pipes, MBR, Pumps, Screen, etc...

SAOKHUE Group is helping for the development of VnOPI Platform

May 07, 2019

​VnOPI is the 1st and largest marketplace for High-income Vietnamese's overseas investment. We are now supporting for the development of an on-line platform making it easy for Vietnamese to invest overseas by connecting with the right sellers / service providers in target countries (USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, etc...).

For more info about VnOPI, please visit: 

SAOKHUE Water triển khai thiết kế trạm xử lý nước thải tại chỗ tại Tp.HCM

SAOKHUE Water ( - một bộ phận của SAOKHUE Group, đang phối hợp cùng các chuyên gia CHLB Đức triển khai thiết kế trạm xử lý nước thải và chống ngập tại chỗ cho 01 địa điểm ô nhiễm và ngập nghiêm trọng tại Tp.HCM.

Chủ tịch SAOKHUE Group đóng góp thiện nguyện cho trường tiểu học nghèo ở Bến Tre

August 22, 2018

Đóng góp xã hội là phương châm hoạt động của SAOKHUE Group cũng như mọi thành viên trong Công ty. Chúng tôi xem đây là 01 trách nhiệm chia sẽ với cộng đồng, phát triển một xã hội công bằng bác ái, xoa dịu các nổi đau và khiếm khuyết. Đầu tháng 8/2018, Ô. Thân Thanh Vũ, như một hoạt động thường lệ suốt mấy chục năm qua, ông ấy đã đóng góp 01 phần nhỏ vào việc cải tạo và nâng cấp thư viện, cơ sở vật chất Trường Tiểu Học An Thạnh, xã An Thạnh, huyện Thạnh Phú, tỉnh Bến Tre. 

Xem các hoạt động xã hội của chúng tôi tại đây: 

Decentralized Systems of Waste Water Treatment and Flooding Control of SAOKHUE-Water have been selected by HCMC.

August 08, 2018

On 9th Aug. 2018, SAOKHUE has a presentation at the largest int'l conference organized by the People's Committee of HCMC and Party Committee of HCMC for waste water treatment and flooding control. The conference - chaired by Mr. NGUYEN THIEN NHAN - Member of Poliburo, Party Secretary of HCMC., has the attendance from corporate leaders, experts of the industry and govt. leaders of HCMC and related ministries. SAOKHUE's Waste Water Treatment & Flooding Control System is highly evaluated by the experts, govt. leaders and approved by Mr. NGUYEN THIEN NHAN for implementation in HCMC. Before this meeting, this system has been approved by People's Committees of HCMC and Hanoi City.

For more information about SAOKHUE-Water, please visit:

SAOKHUE Group meeting with over 100 major real estate developers & project owners, banks' representatives in HCMC

July 29, 2018

for the last over 02 months, Leaders of SAOKHUE Group have had meetings with over 100 major real estate developers & project owners, banks' representatives in HCMC. for discussions about collaboration for developing real estate projects in HCMC.

SAOKHUE-Water, a Business Unit of SAOKHUE Group, has obtained supports from HCMC & Hanoi for building decentralized waste water treatment plants

July 25, 2018

Big cities like HCMC & Hanoi have heavy challenges for building heavy & costly centralized waste water treatment and flooding control systems. SAOKHUE-Water (, in collaboration with LURITEC from Germany, has recently introduced decentralized solution to the leaders of People's Committees of HCMC and Hanoi and has received strong supports from both for applying the solution in solving the waste water & flooding problems in the cities.

Mr. Thanh Thanh Vu - Founder and Chairman of SAOKHUE Group, presenting the concept of Overseas-Vietnamese Real Estate Fund

June 18, 2018

The fund is to attract investments from Overseas Vietnamese from all over the world to real estate projects in Vietnam. The establishment of the Fund is supported by Vietnam Real Estate Association (VnREA) and Vietnamese Govt.

SAOKHUE-Living, a business unit of SAOKHUE Group, is the main supporter and diamond sponsor of VnOPI Fair

May 31, 2018

SAOKHUE-Living, a business unit of SAOKHUE Group, which is providing professional services to High-net-worth Vietnamese for overseas investments, is the main supporter and diamond sponsor of VnOPI Fair ( - Vietnam's 1st & largest exhibition of overseas properties - investment - immigration. The Fair was on 1st - 3rd June 2018 and will be in Hanoi from 8th-9th Nov. 2018. VnOPI Fair is organized 4 times annually in HCMC, Hanoi and other major cities of Vietnam. 

Gặp gỡ giữa tập đoàn xây dựng căn hộ lớn nhất Nhật Bản & các doanh nghiệp BĐS Tp.HCM

April 04, 2018

Ngày 5/4, SAOKHUE Corp. và HASEKO Corp. - tập đoàn sản xuất & kinh doanh căn hộ lớn nhất Nhật bản với hơn 30% thị phần trong năm 2017, phối hợp tổ chức gặp gỡ & cơm trưa thân mật với các doanh nghiệp & chủ dự án BĐS hàng đầu Tp.HCM. Buổi gặp nhằm mục đích tìm kiếm các cơ hội hợp tác phát triển các dự án căn hộ chất lượng cao theo tiêu chuẩn Nhật bản.


Thời gian: 08:00-12:00 (tiệc trưa được phục vụ từ 12:00-14:00)

Địa điểm: Park Hyatt Hotel Saigon

Để đăng ký tham dự, vui lòng liên hệ: 

Ms Jolie Nguyen: 0903716377 /

SAOKHUE CORP. and HASEKO CORP ký thỏa thuận hợp tác

January 31, 2018

Hôm nay, ngày 1/2/2018, SAOKHUE Corp và HASEKO Corp - Tập đoàn bất động sản căn hộ lớn nhất Nhật bản (NB), ký thỏa thuận hợp tác nhằm tìm kiếm các dự án và đối tác địa phương phù hợp tại Tp.HCM và Hà Nội để đầu tư phát triển các dự án căn hộ chất lượng cao theo tiêu chuẩn Nhật bản. HASEKO mang đến Việt Nam (VN) kinh hơn 70 năm kinh nghiệm, kỹ năng, chuyên môn, tri thức, nguồn lực tài chính, quản trị, ... tích lũy liên tục ở đỉnh cao nhất tại thị trường NB. HASEKO đã xây dựng và bán gần 700.000 căn hộ tại NB tính đến năm 2017, chiếm khoảng 30% thị trường NB.

SAOKHUE Corp. là đơn vị tư vấn đầu tư, M&A, khảo sát chuyên sâu hàng đầu tại VN!

SAOKHUE Group được tín nhiệm giao phát triển Quỹ đầu tư BĐS

January 04, 2018

Tại cuộc họp đầu năm vào ngày 5/1/2018 tại H, Ban thường vụ Hiệp hội Bất Động Sản Việt Nam (VnREA) đã đồng ý 100% giao Ông THÂN THANH VŨ - Ủy viên Ban Thường Vụ VnREA, Sáng lập viên / P.chủ tịch Hiệp hội Bất Động Sản & Du Lịch Việt Nam (VnTPA), Chủ tịch SAOKHUE Corp. phụ trách việc phát triển Quỹ Đầu Tư Kiều Hối Bất Động Sản - nhằm thu hút nguồn kiều hối hàng năm hơn 12 tỷ USD vào việc phát triển hiệu quả, hài hòa các dự án bất động sản tại Việt Nam.

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