In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

W. Edwards Deming, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant.

What make us different from the others:

1/ We have local team with int'l profesionalism and in-depth knowledge of Vietnam.

2/ We have over 32 senior experts & associates with hundreds years combined in business intelligence and market survey.

3/ We have been building and maintaining the close relationship with many organizations and entities in 63 provinces of the Country.

Our Survey & Business Intelligence Reports are highly avaluated by largest int'l organizations & corporations.

Mr. Akihiko Iwatani

General Director

HASEKO Vietnam

HASEKO Corp. is the No.1 apartment producer in Japan. We have built over 600,000 apartment units. We entered Vietnam 7 years ago and we trust SAOKHUE for their M&A and intelligence services

Mr. Shuichi Komori

Real Estate Department

SUMITOMO Corporation

SUMITOMO CORP. has been in Vietnam since 1952 operating in many industries and areas from textile, garment, chemicals, power, petroleum, real estate. we highly appreciate SAOKHUE for their excellent services and assistance

Mr. Katsunori Tamura

Urban Development Division


TAISEI Corp. has been in Vietnam for many years in construction business and now expanding to real estate business. We have used SAOKHUE's intelligence and M&A services and highly evaluate